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Safety In Mexico

Mission Trip Prep Section

1. Getting Started - First Things, First!

Mission Trip Leader Manual

Important Message to Group Coordinator

Mission Trip Planner Guide

Master Checklist - List to make sure you have everything needed for your mission trip

How to Pay Mission Trip Fees

Miscellaneous Costs to Consider

Schedule of Activities in Mexico

Christmas Break Schedule of Activities

Fund Raising Ideas

Sample Fundraising Letter

2. Registration & Mission Trip Fees - Get Ready Financially!

Online Registration Form

Mission Team Registration

Paying Mission Team Fees

Paying Mission Team Fees - For Funds to Be Paid In Mexico

3. Promoting Your Mission Trip - Getting Organized!

Promo Videos - Useful Videos to Help Promote Your Mission Trip

Promotion Brochures - Ready Made Brochures​

Promotion Flyers - Ready Made Flyers​

Mission Trip Promotion & Planner Guide

4. Planning for Your Ministries - Get Ready to Serve!

Items Needed For Your Ministries

Schedule of Activities In Mexico

Building Projects

Vacation Bible School Outreaches

Church/Community Outreaches

Sharing Your Testimony

Evangelism/Prayer/Visitation Outreaches

Spanish Songs for Vacation Bible School Outreaches

Spanish Songs for Community Outreaches

Dress Code Guide   

Photo & Video Orientation Guide

Printable Spanish Nametags

Learning Spanish Help

Websites for Ordering Spanish Resources

Youth Ministry Outreaches

5. Planning for Your Stay in Mexico on the Mission Base - Get Ready for Mexico!

Mission Base Accommodations

Cooking & Eating in Mexico

Grocery Shopping Ideas

Eating Meals at Your Specially Chosen Church

Shopping List for Items Needed for Your Stay on the Mission Base

Chores Ideas While on the Mission Base

Lodging Accommodations on the Mission Base

Packing List - Suggested Personal Items for Your Trip to Mexico

Mission Base Orientation Guide

Staying in Contact with Your Loved Ones Back Home

Emergency Contact Info

Local Medical & Hospital Care

Weather in Our Area of Mexico

6. Parent Section - Putting Parents at Ease!

Helpful Parent Info for Supporting Their Children’s Mission Trip

Safety Questions for Mexico

7. Travel Help & Directions  - Help for Travel to Mexico!

Van Rental Companies Specializing in Renting to Mission Teams

Auto Insurance for Mexico

Documents Need for Entering Mexico

Entering & Driving In Mexico

Passport Info    

Driving Directions to the Mission Base

Video Driving Tour to the Mission Base

Driving Instructions for Returning to the U.S. Via Tijuana

Driving Instructions for Returning to the U.S. Via Tecate

8. Cultural Understanding - Get Ready for Cross-Cultural Ministry!

Culture & Ministry Orientation Videos    

Customs & Culture of Mexico

Courtesies & Manners

Dress Code Sensitivity

How to Relate to the People of Mexico

Cultural Perspectives

Highly Effective Mission Trips

Ministering In Mexico

Ten Commandments for Mission Participants

Dealing with Negative Attitudes

Ways to Damage Your Mission Trip

Cross-Cultural Understanding Milestones

Surviving Culture Shock and Stress

Why Some Mission Trips are a Waste of Time

An Analysis of Short-Term Missions

9. Mission Trip Devotions & Devotional Guides - Being Spiritually Fit!

Daily Devotions

Free Mission Trip Devotional Guides

Mission Trip Training Resources for Purchase

Discipleship Material by Go Missions to Mexico

Suggested “End-of-the-Week” Sharing Meeting

Discovering the True Riches of Life Message

About Us


Doctrinal Statement

Mission Trip Dates

Mission Base Info

Mission Trip Fees

Travel/Health Info


Mission Trip Overview

Building Opportunities

Schedule While In Mexico

About Our Beaches

Ministry Opportunities

Parent Section

Our Location

Promo Videos

About Food & Meals In Mexico

Go Missions to Mexico 

Ministry Offering Christ-Centered Mission Trips to Mexico

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