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Dress Code Guide

Dress Code Guide for Serving in Mexico


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While in Mexico, we’ll need to ask a few favors of your mission team. Perhaps the most important one involves dress. Please be aware that the people in Mexico are much more conservative and traditional than in the U.S.A. Therefore, please don’t wear extreme type clothes or dress in a way that would cause undue attention to you. To be effective in missions, we must respect the Mexicans while in their country. The first and most important mission principle to understand about missions is that “We must set aside our dress and customs and adopt those of the country in which we are serving.” The following info is not intended to judge anyone, just give some helpful guidelines so your mission trip can be as successful as possible.


Keep in mind that you will be involved in a variety of activities: church, work, travel, etc. The weather can be somewhat warm during the day and cooler at night (during winter and spring). During work construction times, it's not wise to wear sandals or open-toed shoes. However, it can be helpful to have a pair of sandals or slip-on's for going to the showers or night trips to the bathroom.

Here are some helpful guidelines to make your ministry most effective:


For Everyone

  • Please avoid a sloppy appearance

  • Please be governed by a sense of modesty

  • No extreme clothing, please

  • Try to cover body piercing jewelry, please

  • No extreme T-shirts or hats, please

  • No extreme hair color, please


For Ladies

  • No suggestive clothing (i.e. tight or form fitting shirts blouses or dresses, short shorts, half-shirts or anything that shows the tummy)

  • A dress or skirt/blouse is a must for church (no sleeveless tops)

  • Jeans or long capris may be worn during work projects and VBS

  • No shorts may be worn to any outreach

  • No excessive jewelry is suggested as the Mexican children might want you to give it to them or might break it

  • Sweatshirt or warm jacket is recommended for the cool evenings (wintertime months: December - March)

  • Please no low cut necklines on dresses or shirts

  • Please no strap-type shirts



  • No excessively baggy clothing, please

  • Jeans may be worn to church

  • Jeans or longer shorts may be worn during work projects and VBS's

  • If your ears are pierced, please try to remove these during your ministry and work times at the church you'll be serving at

  • A sweatshirt or warm jacket is recommended for the cool evenings (during spring and winter months)

  • No tank tops, please


Please understand that we don't ask these things to be legalistic or to deprive you of your individuality. It's just that particular appearances don't say the same thing in Mexico as they might in the U.S. The people we are serving are looking at us from their cultural lens and point of view. We must not damage our impact by allowing material things to get in the way.


Suggested Clothes to Bring


Dress for Work Projects (for both men and women)

  • Old Jeans

  • Old shirts

  • Longer Capris for ladies may be worn

  • Longer shorts for guys may be worn

  • Work gloves

  • Work shoes

  • Hat


Dress for Vacation Bible School Outreaches/Home Visitation & Prayer Ministry

  • Men – Unless your work clothes are extremely dirty they can be worn to V.B.S. You will be playing and interacting with children in a fairly dusty environment so changing is not really necessary. Longer shorts can be worn.

  • Women – Pants are fine, no sleeveless tops, dress modestly. Keep in mind V.B.S time is outdoors and somewhat dirty. Don’t wear your best stuff. It’s also a good idea not to wear your jewelry to V.B.S. as the children will want you to give it to them or be distracted by it.


Dress for Evangelism/Home Visitation & Prayer Ministry

  • Men – Jeans or nicer pants are fine. A nicer shirt is good.

  • Women – Skirts or pants, no sleeveless tops or shorts. Please dress modestly.


Dress for Church Outreaches

  • Men – Nice jeans (or equivalent) and casual shirts

  • Women – Dress or skirt that goes below the knees when seated.

  • Note for the ladies -   Please do not wear open sleeve tops to any events that involve being around your Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ. They dress much more modestly than those in the States.


Dress for the Mission Base/Tourist Activities

  • As per your leader's direction



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