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Documents & Tourist Visas for Entering Mexico

Documents & Tourist Visas for Entering Mexico


While the requirement to have a valid passport for entering into Mexico is stated, a valid birth certificate has been accepted without any issues. Mexico is much more flexible than the United States regarding documentation. It should also be mentioned that documentation is rarely asked for in Mexico. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended that valid documentation is carried by all foreigners entering and traveling in Mexico.


Tourist Visa Info


The following info applies to our area of Mexico (Northern Baja).


Tourist Visas are free for visitors staying 7 days or less in Mexico and appear to be somewhat optional as to rather or not they’re really needed. Our area of Mexico has been declared a “Free Zone” and visitors can stay up to 7 days without paying a fee for a Tourist Visa. If a Tourist Visa is obtained, then it must be mentioned that your stay in Mexico will be 7 days or less, otherwise, they will give you a long-term Tourist Visa that cost around $25 dollars and lasts 180 days. Mexico has different classes of Tourist Visas and the only free one is for visitors staying 7 days or less in Mexico.


While Mexico has stated that these free Tourist Visas are needed, it appears they have no desire to make sure you have one. You will not be asked for a Tourist Visa from anyone and therefore seems to be somewhat optional. Mexico’s greatest desire is that tourism grows and that you come down and spend your money to help their economy and needy people. In all our years in Mexico working with mission teams, we have no knowledge of anyone ever being asked for a Tourist Visa.


Mexico would like those who get the free Tourist Visas to drop off the stub of the Tourist Visa at their immigration office prior to leaving Mexico. However, this can be a big challenge as finding the office, and then finding the border crossing from the immigration office can be complicated.


Note: If you do choose to get a free Tourist Visa, then it is imperative that you drop them off upon your departure from Mexico, or you could run into problems if you ever return to Mexico.


If you decide to get Tourist Visas, here’s how to do it:

  • Just after crossing the border pull over to your right.  

  • Ask an official for the office where the Tourist Visas are obtained.

  • Be certain to mention that your stay in Mexico will be no more than 7 days and ask for the free Tourist Visa.

  • You will need your passport or original Birth-Certificate.

  • Wait times for mission teams of 20 or more acquiring Tourist Visa can be around an hour or more.


Notarized Form for Minors Traveling in Mexico Unaccompanied by Their Parents

Chances are very slim that you will ever need this document (in our 25 years of ministry here in Mexico it has never been needed). However, if you'd like to bring this document just in case, here's the form: Notarized Minor Form

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