General Schedule of Activities

Schedule of Activities


We offer the following suggested ministry schedule for optimum ministry impact and mission experience! However, this schedule can be modified to meet your particular needs if necessary.


We provide a unique schedule with multifaceted ministries and cultural proximity! We have worked hard to develop a ministry schedule that provides maximum impact for mission trips, is culturally sensitive, and gets you serving right alongside the nationals of Mexico!

General Daily Schedule






3:00 - 5:00 pm   Please arrive between 3:00 - 5:00 pm (make plans to cross the border between 11:00am-1:00 pm).

7:00pm   Welcome & mission base orientation meeting

7:30pm   Free Time


7:30 am   Breakfast

8:00 am  Chore Time  (according to Mission Team Leader’s desire)

8:15 am  Free time (optional time for your own group worship & etc. if you’d like)

9:00 am  Orientation Meeting Session 1 - Cultural Aspects (Both sessions given by Site Missionary)

10:00 am  Break

10:15 am  Orientation Meeting Session 2 - Ministry Aspects  

11:15 am  Free time & Ministry Prep (Puppet practice, VBS prep., etc.)

12:00 pm  Lunch

1:00 pm  Free time and prep for ministries as needed

1:45 pm  Prep for departure to ministry site (load up everything for ministries)

2:00 pm  Depart to ministry site

2:30 pm  Get acquainted with your specially chosen church

3:00 pm  Door to Door evangelism & invitation to your mission team activities

5:00 pm  Church/Community  & VBS Outreaches (at your specially chosen church)

7:30 pm  Dinner  (tasty, authentic Mexican food prepared by the ladies from your specially chosen church)

8:00 pm  Free Time


7:00 am  Breakfast (come dressed and ready for the day)

7:30 am  Chore time (according to Mission Team Leader’s desire)

7:45 am  Daily devotions (led by your group as you desire)                          

8:15 am  Prep for departure to ministry site

8:30 am  Depart to ministry site

9:00 am  Work projects (participation by about 1/2 of your group)

9:00 am  Door to door evangelism, prayer, visitation outreach (participation by about 1/2 of your group)

12:00 pm  Lunch at your specially chosen church (tasty, authentic Mexican food)

1:00 pm  Free time

1:30 pm  VBS Prep

2:00 pm  Vacation Bible School

4:00 pm  Free Time


Wednesday Evening (Optional) Let us know if you would prefer not to do this outreach.

5:00pm  Dinner (best if eaten close to your ministry site as there’s not much time for returning to the base).

6:00 pm  Church/Community Outreach

8:00 pm  Free Time


Thursday Evening

7:30 pm  Farewell Meeting given by Site Missionary. This is a special time that you'll not want to miss!  

8:30 pm  Free Time



  • Departure or free day

  • Free day to shop, go to the beach, see some sites, and experience the local culture.

  • We also strongly recommend a sharing time among your group before you head for home, some time during your travels back home, or shortly after returning home (led by Group Leader from your group as they desire).


Saturday Morning

  • Depart for home - departure by 10:00am, please.


Note: This is the general schedule we use, however, we are flexible and can easily adjust it to fit your particular interest if needed.

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