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Driving Directions Back to U.S Via Tijuana

From the Mission Base to Ensenada

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You’ll be familiar with this as you will have driven it on your way down to the Mission Base.

Going Through Ensenada


When you arrive in Ensenada, the first big landmarks you’ll want to look for are Walmart and Costco.

Your next turn will be 2 ½ miles after Walmart and Costco.  


About 2 ½ miles after Walmart and Costco, look for a Soriana/Office Depot sign on your left. It will be in a mall that’s located on the left side of the highway.

The sign for the mall will be on your left at a large intersection. You’ll want to be in your left lane so you can make a left turn at the intersection.


Continue on for about ½ mile and you’ll come to a tee intersection. Take a right at this intersection.


Continue on for about 2 miles and you’ll come to the Tourist Zone with a park with 3 heads, (of famous Mexicans) on your left.  


Continue on straight and follow the signs that say, “Tijuana, Rosarito, Toll Road, etc.


You’ll drive about another 8 miles, and you’ll come to your first toll booth.


From here on you’ll be on the toll road that takes you to Tijuana and the border.

Going By Tijuana and Getting to the Border


As you get close to Tijuana, you will come to the third, and last toll booth between Ensenada and Tijuana.  

At this point make sure to look for and follow the signs that say, “San Diego.”


From the last toll booth to your first exit off the freeway, you will go about 3 ½ miles.  


Your first exit will go to the right and you'll swing around to another freeway. Follow all signs that say, "San Diego." (See photo to right please)


From this point, your next turn will be 3 ½ miles ahead. Continue on and right away you'll go up a steep hill.  


Next, you’ll notice on your left that you’re driving along the border fence between the U.S. and Mexico.


Get in your right lane and look for a sign that says, “San Diego.” It’s a little hard to see as some tree branches cover part of it. The sign is on your right. Exit to the right at the sign.


Go one block and then take a left - This turn is not marked so pay close attention here. See photo


You will then need to get over into the left lane.

Note: You will notice up ahead that there’s a sign that says, “San Diego.” However, it looks like it’s over the middle lane. It's on a curve so it’s not really over the middle lane but the left lane. Don’t get tricked here or you’ll have to backtrack through part of Tijuana to get back to the border.


Be sure to stay left of the cement barrier!  After passing the cement barrier, you can now get in the right-hand lane with the cement barrier to your right.

Continue along with the cement barrier on your right and in the right-hand lane. You’ll circle around and go up on an overpass. You’re now officially in line to cross the border.  


Normal border wait from this point is about an hour.

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