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Staying In Contact

Staying in Contact with Loved Ones Back Home


There are several easy ways to stay in contact with your loved ones back home:


  • The best way to stay in contact is via your own cell phone. However, in order to use your cell phone in Mexico, you'll need to make certain to have it pre-programmed prior to departure. Keep in mind, however, that even some pre-programmed cells still don't work in Mexico. You might want to check this out with your provider to be certain ahead of time.


  • We have Wireless Internet on the mission base that is available to the leaders, or to whom the leaders give permission. Please bring your laptop or device for Wireless Internet as our personal computers are not available for public use.


  • We have telephones on the mission base that can be used in cases of emergency or urgent situations.


  • Also, keep in mind that while on a mission trip, communication can be limited. Let your loved ones know that you might be in contact on a limited basis.


Emergency Contact Numbers


To call direct from the U.S. or Canada, just dial the number as it appears below:


  • U.S. Phone: 1-541-603-4770 - Rings in Mexico on the Mission Base (Answered in English)


  • Mexican Phone: 011-52-616-166-2827 (Answered in Spanish) Just talk in English, and we’ll speak back in English.


  • Mexican Cell phone: 011-521-616-134-2597 (Answered in Spanish) Just talk in English, and we’ll speak back in English.



For those of you back home, rest assured that your loved one is in the hands of God and long-term missionaries. We'll watch closely over them and will give them a well-rounded orientation meeting that includes some important tips on safety. There are also close-by hospitals for your peace of mind as well.

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