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Church/Community Outreaches

Church/Community Outreaches


Your mission team will have the treat of participating in two church/community outreaches (Sunday & Wednesday, Wednesday is optional). You'll carry these out at your specially chosen church you'll be serving at while in Mexico. 


During Sunday evening's church/community outreach) you'll take the children out for their first Vacation Bible School after your team's participation during the first part of the church service. The other outreach night, which will be on Wednesday, the children will be taken out just like on Sunday, however, they will be given a shortened version of VBS (without crafts and snacks).


Generally, the Church/Community Outreaches begin with songs (done by the church). After the song time, your group will be introduced. Your group will come to the front of the church and sing a couple songs, do a puppet show, and share a couple testimonies. Following, an evangelistic film will be shown via a video projector & big screen (we provide all this and the movie). After the movie or preaching message, the pastor will wrap up the outreach.


If you could participate in the Church/Community Outreaches with the following items, it would make it really special. Don’t worry about having everything perfect. Things are more casual in Mexico and the folks will just be happy with whatever you do for them.


The following is a sample schedule of activities we generally do for the Church/Community Outreaches.


1. Singing a Couple Spanish Songs

This will be for the church you'll be serving at for the week. It works out good to have someone who knows the songs well to sing into the microphone and have the rest of the group sing along. If singing a few songs is a problem for your group, don't worry, we can help out, it can be omitted or changed for a drama, or you can sing in English.  


2. Testimonies

At least two volunteers per Church/Community Outreach to share a brief testimony of how they came to Christ (total of 4 testimonies needed), or what He is doing in their lives. For more on what these testimonies should contain and how they need to be shared go to sharing your testimony


3. Vacation Bible School


Sunday Evening - After your mission team’s participation in the main part of the outreach, the children will be separated and you’ll do your first VBS. This VBS will be a little shorter than the main ones on Monday-Thursday afternoons. Sunday evening’s VBS will not have a play time and the songs will be reduced to just one or two. The VBS is a little shorter so that it fits within the time frame of the evangelistic movie we’ll be showing to the adults.


Wednesday Evening - This Outreach is optional. If you choose to do it, the VBS time will be the same as Sunday’s, however, with the exception of having no crafts or snacks. More on VBS

​4. Other Activities

If your group would like they can do dramas or whatever for the Church/Community Outreaches. Just let us know of your plans and we'll work with you.


The church you'll be serving at will welcome you with wide open arms and trust you beyond belief. This is due in part to their trust in us as missionaries. Because we have been working in the area for about 18 years, we have developed many deep relationships with them.   


If you have any questions regarding your outreach times please feel free to talk with us.

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