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San Quintín, Baja California, Mexico (Mexico Address)

Phones:  541 603 0881 (U.S.A.)  011 52 616 166 2827 (Mexico)


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Ministry Items Needed

Ministry Items Needed for Your Ministries in Mexico



Vacation Bible School Crafts and Snacks

5 V.B.S.'s @ 75 per V.B.S. It's best if your crafts are packaged in bags of ten each. Snacks don't need to be packaged in bags of 10. More on VBS


Bibles in Spanish

50 Bibles in Spanish (25 Bibles for mission teams of 20 people or less). These can be ordered from the following outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Supply, Books a Million 


This Bible is specially designed for missionary purposes and has the plan of salvation in it. It's called, Santa Biblia NVI, Edicion Misionera," (Holy Bible Missionary Edition). This is the Spanish Bible our ministry currently prefers.


Spanish Bible Tracks


500 Go Missions to Mexico Spanish Evangelism Tracts (250 for teams of 20 or less).


These are free tracts you can print and bring with you that will be used for your door to door evangelism ministries. Click here for free tracts


Following are the English version of the Spanish tracts you can print if you’d like to have some for your own use and be able to follow along with those sharing in Spanish. Click here for English version        


500 Other Spanish Bible Tracts from the Following Options (250 for teams of 20 or less):


Free “Print Your Own” Tracts - These are nicely done tri-fold tracts you can print yourself. Click here for tracts


Fellowship Tract League - This website offers free tracts (donations are welcome and appropriate) www.fellowshiptractleague.org/spanish.html


Chick Publications - Tel: 909-941-8128, www.chick.com One of the more popular tracts is, "Esta Fue Tu Vida" (This was your life"


Crossway Publishers - www.atstracts.org  (Go to "Catagory" on the left side of their page, then select "Spanish"). It is best to order a variety of different tracks.  Here are a few we recommend: "Y ... Entonces Que" (And now what), "Iré al Cielo" (Will I Go to Heaven?), "4 Verdades que Dios Quiere que Sepas" (4 Truths God Wants you to Know)


Matthias Media - Two Ways to Live: www.matthiasmedia.com.au/two-ways-to-live-spanish


Game Equipment for Vacation Bible School Ministry

The beginning of VBS is started by playing games and drawing a crowd.  Be sure to bring some game equipment for your game time for your VBS's.  Click for more



A total of 16 testimonies (4 geared for adults, 12 geared for children) More on testimonies


Prizes for Vacation Bible School

As a reward for memorizing Bible verses, we hand out prizes at the end of the week. Please bring about 50-75 prizes for children who can say their memory verses for the VBS time. More on VBS prizes

Go Missions to Mexico

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