Mission Trip Fees

Mission Trip Fees


Our Goal Regarding Mission Trip Fees

To keep fees as low as possible so no one is hindered from going on a mission trip.


We Make Paying Mission Trip Fees Simple and Easy

We operate on a "Good Faith" basis and don't ask for numerous deposits and payments throughout the year.  We just ask for a Registration Fee to hold your spot and then allow you to pay your mission trip fees when you get close to departure.  This makes it easy on you and alleviates a complicated payment process throughout the year.


Because we operate on a "Good Faith" basis, we ask that you follow through with your commitment with your mission trip as cancellations leave us with empty spots in our calendar that means lost ministry for our Lord.


Mission Trip Fees Include Building Materials!

One of the unique factors that separates Go Missions to Mexico from other mission organizations is that we provide the building materials needed for the work projects. As a result, mission teams who serve with us truly make a huge difference in helping a needy church with their facilities & ministries.


Items Covered By Fees:

  • Construction materials for work projects

  • Tools for work projects

  • Lodging (large meeting rooms, dining halls, bathrooms, showers, play area, campfire pit & more)!

  • Large, furnished kitchens for preparing meals!

  • Access to Private, Beachfront Property!

  • Vacation Bible School Program!

  • Media Equipment!

  • Ministry items for your ministries (puppets, puppet show scripts, and setup, video projector & screen, evangelistic movies, VBS Bible Story videos), and more!

  • Coordination of all ministries and work projects!  We'll have everything ready when you arrive so you can focus on ministry!

  • Our on-site assistance to guide and help you each step of the way! We'll accompany and assist you throughout your time in Mexico!

  • Spanish Translators!


We do this all for a very low cost! We don't want anyone to be hindered by costs as we know what God can do in, and through, the lives of mission team members. We ourselves are missionaries as a result of bringing mission teams to Mexico and seeing how God can use them. 



Fees for teams of 20 or more (not including pre-school)

  • Adults/Teens (ages 13 & up) $250 per person

  • Children  (ages  6 - 12)           $225 per person

  • Pre-school  (ages  0-5)              Free

Fees for teams of 19-15 (not including pre-school)

  • Adults/Teens (ages 13 & up) $275 per person

  • Children  (ages  6 - 12)           $250 per person

  • Pre-school  (ages  0-5)              Free

Fees for teams of 14-10 (not including pre-school)


  • Adults/Teens (ages 13 & up) $300 per person

  • Children  (ages  6 - 12)           $275 per person

  • Pre-school  (ages  0-5)              Free

Please Note

Unfortunately, we are only able to accommodate mission teams with at least 10 people (not counting pre-school). We have this limit because mission teams serving with our ministry carry out various ministries like; Vacation Bible Schools, Home Visitation, Community Outreaches, Building Projects for needy churches and etc. Smaller teams don’t provide enough people or finances to carry these out.  We do, however, provide excellent resources for making your team larger and easy payment of fees for your convenience.


For Promotion Tools to make your team larger click here!


How to Pay Mission Trip Fees


One month prior to your mission trip departure, please pay 1/2 of your mission trip fees (one single payment per mission team) based on the size of your mission team (please see pricing chart above). Fees can be paid via the following two options:

  • Option One: Send ½ of your mission trip fees to our stateside address      

Please use this "Payment Form" for paying your fees one month prior to your mission trip and send it along with your check.


This should be paid by check and sent to the address below:


Go Missions to Mexico (Make checks payable to "Missions to Mexico")

196 Hambrick Ave.

Sutherlin, OR  97479

  • Option Two:  Pay ½ of your mission trip fees via PayPal or Credit Card (paying by credit card opens up in PayPal from which you can pay by credit card). Note: Please add an addition 3% to your fees to cover extra charges incurred to us by paying via credit card or PayPal



Pay by Credit Card or PayPal




Please bring the remaining 1/2 of your Mission Trip Fees with you to Mexico in the form of U.S. Dollars (cash) (To be used for purchasing materials for your team's work projects).


Payment Form for Paying Mission Trip Fees in Mexico


Why we ask part of your fees to be brought in dollars


You'll also need to bring funds in cash to pay for various other items like these:

  • Meals eaten at your specially chosen church (try to bring smaller bills for this, i.e. $20 dollar bills)

  • Gas money for your own transportation (if you plan on putting gas in your vehicles in Mexico)

  • Souvenir money (for your own use)

  • Food money (for your own use)


Go Missions to Mexico

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