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"We would like to thank you for your work. I received much feedback stating how much everyone appreciated the time you took to explain things to us and your obvious servant's heart.  It was an honor to serve with your family. After leading many short-term trips, I must say you have it right. The mix of work projects and visitation is great for meeting everyone's gifts and desires to serve."


Jeff Breneman, Youth Worker

Risen Lord Community Church, Missouri


“I have brought groups of high school students and their families down for 8 years now. Our desire has been to partner with established churches and ministries in Baja to encourage and support God’s work there. Go Missions to Mexico coordinates opportunities to work side by side with believers in Baja. You can expect to be blessed as well as to be a blessing. We highly recommend Missions to Mexico as a short-term missions opportunity that is connected to the ongoing work of God in Mexico."


Kenny Clark, Pastor

Grace Evangelical Free Church, La Mirada, California


“I have been taking short-term missions teams to Mexico for over 15 years. For the past four years, I have had the pleasure of working with Go Missions to Mexico. Without exception, our experience has been fantastic, and the ministry opportunities combined with Mike’s orientation and debriefing times have been life changing for our students. I know Go Missions to Mexico has a wonderful reputation with the local churches they serve, and our time and resources invested there have been put to great use. The ministry base is very well thought out and maintained, the experience working alongside a local church is deeply meaningful and the entire experience is truly a joy. I wholeheartedly recommend connecting with Mike and his family for your next short term missions trip.”


Aaron Box, Youth Pastor

Seaside Christian Church, Seaside, Oregon


"I have been on many short term trips throughout the world. I think Go Missions to Mexico has done the best job I have seen anywhere in integrating the needs of the visiting groups with those of the local churches; as well as assuring that the Gospel of Christ is presented in an authentic manner. "


Dr. Andrew Floren, Group Leader

Eau Claire, Wisconsin


"Working with Go Missions to Mexico has been a great experience for our church's short-term mission teams. I have led teams that have partnered with Go Missions to Mexico for many years now, and their commitment to loving, serving and blessing the Mexican people in San Quintin Valley is obvious. Go Missions to Mexico is spreading the love of Christ throughout the San Quintin Valley by allowing short- term mission teams from the United States to minister alongside local Mexican churches. Relationships with the Mexican Christians are developed as we sing, pray and reach others together for Christ. God is truly blessing Go Missions to Mexico, and we are proud to partner with them every year as we help advance the gospel of Christ in San Quintin Valley. I can't wait until next year!"


Dr. Aaron Frey, Group Leader

Grace Gathering Church, New Haven, Indiana


"Our church has worked with Go Missions to Mexico for several years. I have been most impressed with the way they coordinate our time while we are working with the local church. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to experience hands-on evangelism with people that are in such need of the Word of God. It is especially exciting that our group is able to build relationships with the people that we are there to serve. We have had participants in our group from age 2 to 77, and there seems to be something for everyone to do within their comfort level. The facilities at the missions base are excellent and make for a great place to relax after serving in the local community. I would highly recommend Go Missions to Mexico if your group is looking for a well-rounded missions experience with the ultimate goal of introducing people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ."


Brandon Chase, Group Coordinator

Canby Christian Church, Canby Oregon


"My wife and I have been on several short term mission trips with youth groups and family groups. Last year we had the privilege of leading a family group to the mission base of Go Missions to Mexico. We appreciated the well-organized material that Go Missions to Mexico has made available on their website. It helped us organize our team and to prepare each member of our group to feel confident and to know that God was going to use them. What a blessing to serve with a local church! The relationships that we built with our brothers and sisters in Mexico are eternal. What a privilege it was helping to build their children's ministry through VBS, evangelizing in their neighborhoods, and improving the facilities at their church. Every member of our group has a testimony of how God changed their life during that week. Since returning we have observed each person's commitment to serve God in church ministry, community outreach, and missions.  We would recommend Missions To Mexico to any group seeking a short-term mission trip. Mike and Letsy will do everything possible to ensure that your group will have a successful trip.


Don & Carol Vredenburg, Group Coordinators

Family Church, Sutherlin, Oregon


"Thank you again for a wonderful experience and the time and effort that your family is putting in down in Mexico. Our team had a wonderful time and they cannot stop talking about it. Thank you so much for all your help. Our group had a great time and because of how well everything was planned, it made for a stress-free experience. We were also given many opportunities to share Christ and an opportunity to reach those in San Quintin for Christ. This was something that we desired, but because of how other mission organizations that we have gone with in the past have run things, we didn't know if it would actually happen. You provided a safe and ministry filled environment and we are grateful to you for that. As a church, we usually run mission trips to Mexico every other year, but my team has already told me that they are intent on coming back to San Quintin next year. I hope that you will have us. Thanks again for all your hard work and may the love that you have for the people down there continue to increase as the years go by. God Bless."


Pastor Steve Reed, Pastor

Faith Baptist Church, Salem, Oregon


"Our church, Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills, has been going on short-term mission trips to Mexico for about 7 years. The first 5 years we were building houses in Ensenada, Mexico, and doing VBS with the children of the neighborhood. This was a great learning experience and God taught us many wonderful things about the people of Mexico and about ourselves. But it felt more like community service than a mission trip. Our group felt like there was more, maybe a chance to go deeper into Mexico and deeper with our walk. So we started to pray as a group and were led to Go Missions to Mexico. What a blessing! First, Mike and Angela make you feel like family and just not paying guest. Secondly, their ministry style is Bible-based; 1 Thess. 3. To have the opportunity to come alongside a pastor and bless him in any way needed, along with working alongside the people from his church in reaching out to the community by street witnessing and watching people come to Christ, playing with the children and V.B.S, or etc., is a great blessing! If you are going for the first time or wanting to go deeper, I highly recommend Go Missions to Mexico. Oh, did I forget to mention that a mile from camp are the beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean."


Steve Wagoner, Group Coordinator

Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills, Lake Elsinore, California


"Go Missions to Mexico is a leader’s dream come true. The website is so comprehensive that the team is well equipped long before we arrive in the area where we will be serving. To have so much help from the full-time, on-site missionaries is priceless. We have a connection that we can trust to set the mission trip in motion for us. The daily plans have been set up ahead of time but have enough flexibility that we can fit the trip to our group’s needs. Go Missions to Mexico is especially good for teams or team members who have not experienced a mission trip before. I believe if we give students an enjoyable first experience on a mission trip they will be more likely to be missions minded the rest of their life. The compound is quite comfortable and safe. The kitchens are very well equipped and there are flushing toilets and hot showers. It doesn’t get much better than that. Go Missions to Mexico is a great place!"


Sandra Covarrubias, Group Coordinator

Redding Christian Church, Redding, California


"We have sent teams to work with Go Missions to Mexico for many years. Each time the teams come home they are inspired to live lives more focused on lives that we can change for eternity. They get involved in our VBS's, our missions teams and in reaching out to unbelievers in their own culture. We believe these short-term mission trips have a profound impact on the culture of our church. I know that you have many missions opportunities to be involved with, but I strongly urge you to consider getting involved with Missions to Mexico. While you might not be able to send a team to Russia or Africa, like us you might be able to send one to Mexico. When you roof a church or hold a child on your lap during a VBS lesson, you directly invest in God's work in them and you!"


Paul Glazner, Pastor

Family Church, Sutherlin, Oregon


“A group of men from our church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, desired to build a church somewhere in Mexico for a short term mission project as an alternative to building houses. I took on the coordination role and found there are countless house-building mission groups; however, finding an organization that coordinates working with churches for building or community evangelism was a little more challenging. I began looking on the Internet and found the website and I was immediately impressed with the thoroughness of the website and how well things appeared to be organized. I have been on 4 previous short-term missions in Mexico with various groups over the past several years and I found the experience with Go Missions to Mexico to be the most rewarding. It was no surprise to find that Mike is as organized in real life as his website denotes and he had every detail covered for our arrival. All the building materials were on-site when we arrived and it was indeed a pleasure working alongside him. Mike began our mission by meeting with our group of 11 men to brief us on the cultural implications of short-term missions and this is the first time we have had this type of presentation and it was invaluable. As a result of Mike`s presentation, we were able to create much stronger bonds with the Mexican men and women whom we were serving and that was a very fulfilling component of the trip. Mike truly has a passion for serving the Lord in this area and this is evident in every interaction we had with him. If you would like to ask me any questions about our experience, I would be happy to discuss them with you. I can be reached at”


Bill Webb

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Note: If you would like a list of references with phone numbers of previous mission teams who have served with us, please let us know, we will gladly send you an ample list. We have served countless groups who have come on short-term mission trips to Mexico with us.



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