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Evangelism & Prayer Outreaches

Evangelism & Prayer Outreaches


This will be one of the highlights of your mission trip! You’ll actually walk the dusty streets like Christ did, sharing the Gospel, praying for people, visiting them, and on occasion, going inside their homes to see how they live. The people of Mexico really love to be prayed for as it’s often their only hope. Each person in your mission team will get a chance to participate in these ministries and will themselves be changed as well.


Visiting people where they live is the most authentic form to minister to them. It’s often a forgotten truth in our busy, hectic lives. But as someone has said, “You can impress people from a distance, but you can only change them up close.” While serving in Mexico, you’ll return to this time-tested method Christ and His disciples practiced for ministering to people.


You’ll participate in this ministry in several different formats:  


Sunday Afternoon

You’ll kick off your week of ministry on Sunday afternoon with an evangelism and invitation time in the community in which the church you'll be serving at is located. Your Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ (from the church you’ll be serving at) will go with you to share in this time. You'll hand out Bible Tracts, share the Gospel, and invite the community to the activities you'll be doing during the week. Everyone from your group is invited to participate in this rich time. We’ll divide your team into groups of 4-5 people per group. Each group will be led by one or two of your Mexican brothers or sisters in Christ from your specially chosen church in Mexico.  


Monday - Thursday Mornings

During the weekday mornings, from 9:00-12:00am, about half of your mission team will break up into smaller groups consisting of about 4-5 five people and will go with one or two members from your specially chosen church to evangelize, pray for the people, and encourage them. On occasion, you’ll even enter their homes to see how they live and get to know them up close. You will also hand out Bibles to homes not having one and give away Gospel Tracts.


Many of your prayers will involve praying for sicknesses as medical treatment is expensive and low quality in Mexico. As a result, God is often their only hope. During the week, everyone from your team will have the opportunity to participate in this special time. 

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