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Grocery Shopping Help

Grocery Shopping for Your Mission Trip


Should You Purchase Your Groceries in the States or in Mexico?

Food prices are significantly lower in the U.S. than in Mexico, and the selection is far greater as well. Therefore, it’s suggested that you purchase the bulk of your groceries prior to arriving in Mexico. However, items like milk, bread, and fruit can be purchased in Mexico if you don't want to bring them. They will be a little more expense, but they are readily available. Some items like fruits and vegetables are cheaper in Mexico than the U.S.


Note: You will have no issues crossing the border into Mexico with food.


If you want to purchase all your food in Mexico, you can. As mentioned, it will just cost a little more, and the selection will be less. The exception would be fruit and vegetables as there are often varieties in season that are cheaper and really tasty.


Purchasing Food In San Diego

If you are arriving by air to San Diego, or if you don’t want to bring your food from afar, then following are some options for shopping in the San Diego area:


Food for Less Grocery Stores

Here's a link to help you with directions:


If the above link fails to work (sometimes they change things a bit), just google Food 4 Less stores in San Diego and choose the one located on Palomar St. It's located just off the I-5 freeway and is the easiest to get to on your way from San Diego to the border. Here’s their info:


Food 4 Less

(619) 498-0327

660 Palomar St, Chula Vista, CA 91911


Costco - Sams Club

Another option that a few groups have used is to buy your groceries via Costco or Sams Club. You can place your order ahead of time, they'll gather everything together for you, and you just review your purchase and pick it up. You can do a Google search for these stores in the San Diego area if you'd like.


Here's a helpful hint: it's best to choose grocery stores located in Chula Vista, or National City, as they are located between San Diego and the border. They are easier to find your way around in and are located just off freeways I-5 and 805 (the two freeways that go from San Diego to the border).

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