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Photo & Video Guide

Photo & Video Suggestions While Serving in Mexico


Pictures and video will play a very important part in your mission trip. It will be the main way you'll remember your trip and report back to your church about all you have done. However, this important tool, if not handled wisely, can harm your work and the people who you'll be serving.


Following are some suggestions that will help you use this important vehicle in a healthy manner:


  • You’ll want to be careful that you don't come across as a paparazzi show to the Mexicans you are serving. If a lot of pictures are taken at the same time, especially during the outreaches, you could be interpreted as being primarily tourists, or that your mission trip is more about you and they are just a side show.


  • Be careful during the Evangelism, Prayer & Visitation Ministries that you take pictures appropriately as well. It’s best to take pictures and video after your visit rather than at the beginning. It’s important a relationship is established first otherwise, they might feel like you just came to see how "bad" they have it and want to see their poverty. They might feel like they're an object you've come to see. However, after relationships have been developed, they will be honored and delighted to have you take a picture of them.  


  • VBS’s are not as sensitive as the other ministries sence you’ll be working mainly with children. During the VBS playtime, you can take photos and then show them to the children on your cameras or phones. They love to see themselves and the setting is more of a fun time. However, during formal ministry times, we ask you to follow the above mentioned suggestions.


  • It works out good to have several designated media persons who can take photos and video during the outreaches. We would ask, however, that the media persons take photos and video in such a way as to not draw undue attention to their activity.


  • When you are out and about as a tourist would be, and not in a ministry related activity, you can take pictures as you please.


We realize this places a burden on you as everyone will be excited to take photos. However, for the good of those you'll be serving, and so you'll have maximum ministry impact, we have established these suggestions. In some more severe cases, ministry opportunities have been closed because photos have gotten into the hands of some activists in the states and have caused problems. Some Mexican organizations, therefore, don't want to run the risk of being exposed and in some cases, are leery about allowing Americans to enter certain areas to minister. However, our ministry has a good reputation and with your help, we can protect it.


We thank you in advance for your sensitivity to this important area. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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