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Mission Trip Overview

Mission Trip Dates


We offer mission trips year around, however, during Spring, Summer, and Christmas Breaks, we set aside several selected weeks to better serve mission teams. For mission trip dates during other times of the year, just let us know your dates and we'll get you on the calendar. Click the following link to see the dates we'll be hosting mission trips for Spring Breaks, Summer Breaks, and Christmas Breaks. 


Click for more on mission trip dates


Activities and Opportunities


How Will You Serve?

Your mission team will minister at a specially chosen church (alongside Mexicans) while serving in Mexico. Through this church, you'll do your ministries & outreaches. By strengthening and working through the local church, your fruit will remain long after you're gone. This philosophy of ministry ensures maximum fruit and impact!  In our ministry you don’t just serve the Mexicans, you serve with them!


Work Project Opportunities

This is a great time to serve by improving needy church facilities. By helping churches with their buildings, and by helping new churches we're planting, you're participating in true and lasting results for the people of Mexico! Don't worry if you don't have skilled labor, we can take care of this area for you. Just come with willing hands to serve and God will use you greatly. Also, we provide purchase the building materials needed for your work projects so you don't have to worry about raising extra funds! More on Work Opportunities


Evangelism, Visitation, and Prayer Ministry

We offer the rare treat of participating in evangelism, visitation, and prayer ministries. You'll visit homes to get to know how the Mexicans live, see their culture up close, evangelize, pray, minister and share the love of Christ with them! More on Evangelism, Prayer, and Visitation



You will start the week off Sunday afternoon with an Evangelism Outreach in the community where the church you'll be serving at is located. The Mexicans from the church will go with you to share in this time. You'll hand out tracts to share the gospel and invitations to invite the community to the activities you'll be doing that week. More on Evangelism Opportunities


Children's Ministry

Vacation Bible School Outreaches are a tremendous way to reach children for Christ. VBS's are usually held at the church where you serve during the week. They normally take place in the afternoon as children go to school in the morning. VBS's start with a playtime outside in order to draw as many children as possible. Following the playtime, we move inside and do songs, puppets, Bible story, crafts, and snacks. We provide the VBS Curriculum, Puppets, Media Equipment, and most everything else you'll need for the VBS. Your team will just need to bring some crafts, snacks, and some play equipment. More on Children’s Ministry Opportunities


Church/Community Outreaches

Sunday Evening (Wednesday optional) you'll participate in a Church/ Community Outreach at the church where you're serving. We do this via a large screen and video projector. We show evangelistic videos to reach the community for Christ. Your group will sing a song or two, do a puppet show, share a couple testimonies, and do a condensed VBS with the children. More on Outreaches


Youth Outreaches

We offer a Youth Focus if your mission team would like to serve the teens of Mexico. More on Youth Outreaches


Sports Outreaches

Sports can be used in Children’s, Youth, and other ministries, or used as its own focus.


Close-by Beaches - We also have close-by beaches that are sandy and little used. You'll have plenty of free time for this rich treasure so plan accordingly! More on our lovely beaches


Free Day, Free Time

You'll also have several free evenings, along with a free day on Friday for plenty of time for fun, for your own group activities, and for cultural experiences! More on schedule of activities

About Our Location

We're located about 4 hours south of San Diego, CA, on the Baja Peninsula, Mexico, in the San Quintin Valley. It's a poverty stricken area of Mexico with agricultural workers as its main population base. It's a rural, farming area with about 40 communities and around 200,000-400,000 inhabitants. More on our location

Schedule of Activities

Here’s our general schedule for mission teams (can be optimized if needed):

  • Saturday Afternoon - Arrive between 3:00-5:00pm

  • Sunday Morning - Cultural & Ministry Orientation Meeting - 9:00-11:30am

  • Sunday Afternoon - Door to Door Evangelism, Invitation to Outreaches & Activities

  • Sunday Evening - Church/Community Outreach & VBS, Dinner at Specially Chosen Church

  • Weekday Mornings – Work Projects, Door to Door Visitation & Prayer Ministry

  • Weekday Lunches – Eaten at Specially Chosen Church

  • Weekday Afternoons – Vacation Bible School, Work Projects

  • Wednesday Evening (Optional) – Church Community Outreach & Scaled Down VBS

  • All evenings – Free Time

  • Thursday Evening - Farewell Meeting - 7:00pm

  • Friday- Free Day, Optional Departure Day if Desired

  • Saturday Morning - Depart for Home

For a detailed schedule click here

Transportation & Travel


Destination Airport - San Diego, CA

Your team's transportation to and from San Quintin Valley is not covered. You will need your vehicles throughout the entire week to transport your team to various locations for work and ministry. We provide excellent driving instructions for arriving at our area of Mexico.


If you plan to fly into San Diego, you'll need to rent vans from one of the local rental companies. If you are renting vehicles, there are three very important details that you should keep in mind:


  1. It is important to secure your ground transportation as early as possible. Rental companies book up quickly during the summer months. Click here for Van Rental Companies

  2. You will need to make sure your rental company allows their vehicles to cross into Mexico.

  3. Whether renting or driving your own vehicles, we strongly recommend that you carry Mexican auto insurance. You can check with your own automobile insurance company about purchasing Mexican auto insurance coverage. You can also purchase Mexican auto insurance through your rental company or at the border.


Your team should arrive at the Ministry Base on Saturday between 3:00-5:00pm. Take into account that we are located about 4 hours south of San Diego in the Valley of San Quintin. We provide clear, detailed driving instructions for arriving at our Mission Base.

On your return to the United States, you will need to allow extra time for crossing the border. If you plan on returning by air travel, we recommend returning to the U.S. on Friday and flying home on Saturday morning.



In order to make your trip as affordable as possible, we allow groups to take care of some of their own meals. We provide large furnished kitchens with all the cooking utensils you'll need for this. Each kitchen has its own stoves, refrigerators, serving bars, dining areas and more. More on kitchens and meal prep


For other meals, we provide an excellent option of eating your Sunday Evening meal and weekday lunch meals at your specially chosen church. There is an additional cost of $20.00 for these 5 meals ($4.00 per person per meal). This cost also covers enough food so the Mexicans serving alongside your team can eat with you as well. You can also eat out at some local taco stands as well. Food is not covered in your cost.  More on food

Mission Base Accommodations


Mission Base

Go Missions to Mexico's Mission Base is located about 4 hours South of San Diego, CA. The facilities are designed to accommodate short-term mission teams and can accommodate 230 people in bunk beds and over 500 people if camping is desired. The base is fenced, gated and very secure.


The mission base is located on 13 acres and has 4 separate facility tracts, each with their own kitchens, dining halls, meeting rooms, showers (with hot water), bathrooms (with flushing toilets), dorm rooms (with cushions on the beds), and parking areas.


Sleeping Accommodations

Each dorm sleeps 8 (a few sleep 6) and is furnish with bunk beds with mattresses. You will need to bring your own bedding and pillow. Accommodations will be dormitory style. We allow Team Leaders to assign dorms as they desire. More on lodging accommodations



We have showers with hot water. Showers have individual stalls and are private.



We have indoor toilet facilities at the Mission Base where your team will be staying. They contain modern flushing toilets and sinks for washing hands. Many of the work-site locations may not have indoor bathrooms or running water available. Teams should be prepared in these instances to use an outhouse, take toilet paper, and bring hand sanitizer for cleaning their hands.


Drinking Water

We provide 5-gallon jugs that will be full of purified drinking water upon your arrival in Mexico. Thereafter, you can purchase addition drinking water as you need it. Purified water can be purchased at any local store for about $.80 cents for 5 gallons. The Valley of San Quintin is sunny year around and it's important for team members to keep hydrated. Every team member should have a personal water bottle with them at all times for drinking water and should use them when brushing their teeth, etc.



There is electricity available in all kitchens, dorms, bathrooms, shower areas, meeting areas, and outside as well. Electricity is exactly the same as in the United States.



The Mission Base where your team will be staying is fenced and gated. There is room for parking your vans or cars inside the gated area. There is always someone on the Mission Base to watch and care for everything. The gate is locked at night. While theft has not been a problem in our area, we do encourage team members to not leave their valuables out in the open at work sites, and etc. Many have heard about the civil unrest and gang-related violence in the border towns of Mexico. One of the unique positives of our area is that it's not a border town. We are located in a rural, farming area with no threats of any kind. More on why our area of Mexico is safe


Wireless Internet - For your convenience, the mission base has wireless Internet throughout all the facilities.


The weather in our part of Mexico is very pleasant year around. It's never too hot or too cold. Winter average highs are in the 70's and lows in the 50's. Summer average highs are in the 80's to lower 90’s, and lows in the lower 70's. More on weather in our area of Mexico

Mission Trip Fees


One of the unique factors that separate "Go Missions to Mexico" from other mission organizations is that we use about 30% of a mission team's fees for the building materials used for their work projects. As a result, mission teams who serve with us truly make a huge difference in helping a needy church with their facilities & ministries. Most other mission organizations charge extra for this in addition to mission trip fees.  


Items Covered by Mission Trip Fees  

  • Construction Materials for work projects

  • Tools for work projects

  • Lodging (large meeting rooms, dining halls, bathrooms, showers, play area, campfire pit & more)!

  • Large furnished kitchens for preparing meals!

  • Vacation Bible School Program!

  • Vacation Bible School Game Equipment!

  • Media Equip.

  • Ministry items for your ministries (puppets, puppet show scripts and setup, video projector & screen, evangelistic movies, VBS Bible Story videos), and more!

  • Coordination of all ministries and work projects! We'll have everything ready when you arrive so you can focus on ministry!

  • Our on-site assistance to guide and help you each step of the way! We'll accompany and assist you throughout your time in Mexico!


Fees for Teams of 20 or More Members

  • $250 per person

Fees for Teams of 20 or Less Members

  • $5,000 for the entire team


We must set a minimum team price of $5.000 to cover building material costs for a team's work projects, plus ministry, lodging, and other expenses. 

Please Note

  • We provide excellent resources for making your team larger and easy payment of fees for your convenience.

  • Please see items covered by fees on the left column.


  • For Promotion Tools to make your team larger click here!


Our Lovely Beaches


There are close-by beaches about 1 mile from our ministry base. Also, there are many other close-by beaches within a short driving distance. The beaches are very clean and little used. There are many shells and sea life that can be seen. Many mission teams go to the beach in the late afternoons after ministry and on their free day, Friday.  


The beaches are very gradual and have lots of sand. More on our beaches

Our Experience


We have 24 years of experience in working with short-term mission teams. Twenty of these years have been spent as long-term missionaries, and 4 years prior to being long term missionaries we led 2-3 short-term mission trips to Mexico per year. We have led youth group mission trips, family mission trips, adult mission trips, church mission trips, and mixed groups having youth, adults, and families. We understand what special needs and challenges a Mission Team Coordinator has and take you in mind in our ministry. 


In addition, we have 38 years of extensive ministry experience both in the U.S. and in Mexico. During this time we have served as: Youth Directors, Campus Life Staff, AWANA Directors, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Pastor (with a youth group totaling around 150 students), Associate Pastor (in a church of 600), Hispanic Outreach Pastor, Building Construction Chairman for the construction of two major church expansion projects, and as missionaries. We also have experience in the secular field in agriculture and construction.


Our ministry in Mexico includes the following: (1) short-term mission team ministry; (2) pastor and leader training; (3) seminar ministry; (4) speaking ministry; (5) pastoral counsel & support ministry; (6) construction projects; (7) church planting; (8) pastor and church loaning resource library; (9) pastor and leader conferences. Click for more on about us

Brochures, Flyers, Promo Videos


We have ready-made brochures, flyers and Promo Videos for helping you promote your trip and for letting folks know what to expect. We even have the brochures and flyers in an editable format so you can put your own info on them as well.  


Click for more on Brochures & Flyers


Click for more on Promotion Videos

You're Needed!  

We serve around 150 churches in our area and offer a vast array of opportunities for short-term mission teams. We invite you to prayerfully consider serving with Go Missions to Mexico as you're greatly needed!

Go Missions to Mexico 

Ministry Offering Christ-Centered Mission Trips to Mexico

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