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Printable Nametags

Nametags with Spanish Cheat Sheets


Most folks always wish they could speak more Spanish when they come to Mexico. Here's an easy way to have a great name tag, and at the same time, have some Spanish phrases real handy. You can consult the Spanish help section for help with the pronunciation. It works best to print the text below on a 4X6 card. On the front side of the card, you can write your Spanish name, and on the backside, you'll have this helpful Spanish cheat sheet.



Just copy and paste the following text into your favorite design program and you’ll be set to go.


What's your name                      Como se llama

My name is                                   Me llamo ______ try to pick a name in Spanish

It’s good to meet you                 Mucho gusto conocerle

Hello                                              Hola

Goodbye                                       Adiós

Thank you                                    Gracias

Let's play a game                        Vamos a jugar un juego

Come here                                   Vengase para acá

Come back tomorrow                Vuélvase mañana

Sit down                                      Siéntese

Jesus loves you                            Jesus le ama

Attention please                         Atención por favor

Be quiet please                           Guarden silencio por favor

Where's the bathroom              Donde está el baño?

That’s all for now                        Es todo por ahora

That’s it, stop                              Ya!                            

God bless you                             Dios le bendiga

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