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Weather Info

Weather for Our Area of Mexico


Summertime Weather: April - October

Highs are in the 80’s to lower 90’s, summertime lows will be in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s. We’re a mile from the ocean so the temperature is moderate year around with pleasant cooling in the evenings.


Wintertime Weather: November - March

Highs are in the upper 60’s and 70’s. Lows are in the upper 40’s and 50’s. For those coming during the winter months, be sure to bring extra warm clothes for the evenings and an extra blanket. Buildings are not heated in Mexico so you’ll need a little extra warmth for the evenings. We do have, however, portable heaters in the main meeting rooms of each lodging facility for your convenience if needed.


San Quintín Valley Average Weather Temperature °F by Month


Month               Highs              Lows


January              67.6                47.3

February            71.8                49.8

March                75.0                51.8

April                   79.3                57.2

May                    85.5                62.8

June                    91.2                70.0

July                     93.2                75.6

August               94.1                75.7

September        93.9                72.1

October             85.5                62.8

November         75.0                53.6

December         66.6                46.9


Yearly Temperature Averages

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