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Baptist Spanish Publishing House


Bibles in Spanish


A new Spanish version of the Bible called the NBL (Nueva Biblia Latinoamerica) which is equivalent to the NASB in English (New American Standard Bible) is now available. This is the Spanish version our ministry prefers. These can be ordered from Amazon. Link for ordering Bibles


Spanish Bible Tracks


Go Missions to Mexico Free Spanish Evangelism Tracts


We have both an evangelism Leader Guide Tract designed as a guide to help you in evangelizing and a Recipient Tract for those you’ll talk to. We also have the English equivalent of the Leader’s Tract. All are free!








Fellowship Tract League

This website offers free tracts (donations are welcome and appropriate)



Chick Publications

Tel: 909-941-8128, One of the more popular tracts is, "Esta Fue Tu Vida" (This was your life"



Crossway Publishers  (Go to "Catagory" on the left side of their page, then select "Spanish"). It is best to order a variety of different tracks. Here are a few we recommend: "Y ... Entonces Que" (And now what), "Iré al Cielo" (Will I Go to Heaven?), "4 Verdades que Dios Quiere que Sepas" (4 Truths God Wants you to Know)



Matthias Media

Two Ways to Live: This tract provides an excellent presentation of the Gospel.


Go Missions to Mexico 

Ministry Offering Christ-Centered Mission Trips to Mexico

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