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Eating at Your Chosen Church In Mexico

Eating at Your Specially Chosen Church


Authentic Mexican Food

We provide an option (highly recommended) of eating the Sunday evening meal and the noon meals at the church you will be serving at (Sunday - Thursday). They are tasty meals that will be prepared and served by the women of your specially chosen church. We will prep the church so that meals are traditional, healthy, and prepared with the utmost care in cleanliness.

This also is a wonderful way to save time as you won't have to return back to the base between work time and VBS (you might be 20 or so minutes from the ministry base). It also saves money and lets you get to know the people and culture of Mexico better.  



A charge of $5.00 per person is the cost of this highly recommended option. The cost even provides enough food so the Mexicans serving with you can join you as well. It’s a popular hit for mission teams, and you will be hard-pressed to buy and cook a meal for less than the recommended charge. It will be a highlight of your week, and there's nothing that a Mexican treasures more than meals with friends.    


Schedule of Meals

If you choose the option of eating at the church where you'll be serving, the schedule would look like the following:


Sunday Evening - Dinner

Monday - Lunch

Tuesday - Lunch

Wednesday - Lunch

Thursday - Lunch

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