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Building & Work Project Opportunities

Helping Needy Churches


During the mornings about half of your mission team will normally be involved in some church-related work projects until lunch time. The rest of your team (those who choose to do so) will be involved in Prayer/Visitation ministry.


Because there is such poverty in our area of Mexico, most churches struggle to have even the basic facilities for their people. Most churches even lack the finances to support their pastors. Many pastors, therefore, are forced to work full or part-time jobs in order to get by. To be able to come alongside these churches and help them with their facilities meets a great need for the people of Mexico.


Where Do Funds Come From?

Materials for your construction projects are purchased with your mission trip fees. As a result, there’s no need to worry about having to raise additional funds for your work projects!  


In the event your mission team might want to do a large project, we would ask you to raise additional funds for this.


What If Your Mission Team Is Not Skilled?

No problem! The Mexicans from the church you’ll be serving at will oversee and guide you. As long as you don’t mind getting a little dirty, and have a willing heart, you don’t need any skills whatsoever.


What If Some Don’t Care to Work?

No problem! It's also good to know that if some are not able to work for whatever reason, they can choose the door to door evangelism, prayer, visitation ministry or are free to do something else. No one is forced to work. Everything is voluntary and there are plenty of options for everyone.


We Offer All Kinds of Work Projects!

No need to worry about what you'll do, there's always work projects for everyone according to their desires. You’ll also work alongside your Mexican Christians from the church during your work times. Generally, we let the Mexicans oversee the projects and we’ll work along with them. If it’s a wood construction project, then we’ll generally oversee them.


Work projects range from light work projects like cleaning & painting to a little harder projects like digging and concrete work. For groups who have skilled workers, there are projects like roofing, sheetrock, and construction. Depending on the skill of your group, we'll have the work projects that are just right for your group.


Normally, we have a variety of jobs for groups to do so everyone can participate.


Here’s a sample of the kinds of work projects your team can be involved in:

  • Painting Projects

  • Cement Work Projects

  • Roofing Projects

  • Large Building Projects

  • Block Work Projects

  • Stuccoing Projects

  • Foundation Work Projects

  • Digging Projects For Building Prep

  • Carpentry Projects

  • Electrical Projects

  • Sheet Rocking Projects

  • Cleaning Projects

  • General Work Projects


For those who wish to continue working on the Work Projects after lunch, they are welcome to do so.


We Provide All the Tools Needed!

No need to worry about bringing tools as we provide everything you'll need for your work projects. However, mission team members are welcome to bring their own personal tools if desired.


We Make All Arrangements for Work Projects Before Your Arrival!

No need to worry about what your work projects will be or about getting them lined out ahead of time as we’ll take care of all that for you. We even provide the oversight and direction of all jobs so if you don’t have skilled laborers you’ll still be able to help out greatly. However, in the event you do have some skilled labor, we’ll take that into consideration and use them in their gifted areas.


Your Mission Team is Greatly Needed!

We minister to around 150 churches in our area of Mexico. To be able to come alongside a needy church and help with their church buildings meets a great need and allows the church to better reach their communities for Christ. Our ministry is constantly helping new church plants and existing churches with their needs. We have many churches that regularly ask us to send them a mission team, however, we just don’t have enough mission teams to go around. A mission team not only helps with a needy church’s facilities but also strengthens them spiritually through the other ministries your mission team will do.


Please consider serving with us in Mexico! Our area of Mexico is safe and we’ve worked hard to make mission trips very affordable. Your mission trip fees even cover all materials for your work projects.

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