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Chore Ideas to Help You

Let's All Pitch In!


During your stay at the ministry base, we want you to feel at home and like it belongs to you. The following guidelines are suggested tools to help your group keep their environment clean for the week they are here. We don't view the ministry base as a hotel, but a place for you to stay and minister from. Therefore, we post these guidelines as suggestions.  


In order to keep your environment clean, we have discovered that it works out great to do some light chores right after breakfast, and before chapel. This keeps things clean and in order. They only take about 15 minutes and are a great way to teach some good habits to your group.


Your group can be divided up into several small groups. Chores can be rotated daily if you like.


Here are some chore ideas:


1. Kitchen clean-up- Sweep kitchen, clean as indicated by kitchen boss

2. Chapel clean-up - Sweep and organize for chapel

3. Dining room - Sweep and clean as needed

4. Showers - Sweep, clean drains of hair, clean as needed

5. Bathrooms - Sweep, clean toilets, sinks, and as needed

6. Trash - Take out trash from all bathrooms, showers, kitchen and trash cans.  

7. Sidewalks and walk areas - Sweep, pick up trash

8. Dorms - Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own dorms

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