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Health Info About Mexico

Medical Care


Local Hospitals

In our area, we have several hospitals that can help with medical care. One is a state run hospital and doesn't charge for medical care. It provides care for minor surgeries and would be the first choice for broken bones, sicknesses, and general care. Another option is a government hospital that offers a little more care than the first, but charges for its services. We also have a Christian-run hospital that offers the best healthcare in our local area and would be a good choice for more complicated surgeries, etc. It does charge, however, but would be about a twentieth of what the same care would cost in America. 


Local Clinics

We also have many local health clinics where minor injuries can be addressed.


Private Clinics

We have private practices as well that are available.


Go Missions to Mexico Doctor

We have a close, Christian, doctor friend who is available just for our use if needed.


Semi-Local Medical Care

We have many large hospitals located two hours away in Ensenada if needed as well.


San Diego Medical Care

San Diego is located about four hours north of us where many hospitals are available for major issues.

Health Insurance


While we do not endorse any health insurance company, here are some organizations who have contacted us and offer health insurance coverage for short-term mission trips to Mexico.


We should mention that in regards to medical attention in the Valley of San Quintín, we do have several hospitals. In the event that you feel that medical health insurance is important for your group, below is some possible help.

Go Missions to Mexico 

Ministry Offering Christ-Centered Mission Trips to Mexico

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