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Brochures/Flyers/Promo Videos

Brochures/Flyers/Promo Videos


We know Brochures, Flyers & Videos are an important way to promote your mission trip and let interested folks know about your trip. We have therefore included a variety of Brochures and Flyers to help you.


They are downloadable and in two formats (pdf. file & Word doc. file). The Word doc. format is designed so you can edit them and put your own pricing and additional info on them if you’d like.


Non-editable Format - Ready made, just print off and hand out!

  • Brochures - Ready made Tri-fold pdf. File format

  • Flyers - Ready made Flyer in pdf. file format


Editable Format - Ready made in Microsoft Word and can be changed or just printed off and handed out!

  • Brochures - Ready made Tri-fold version in Word.doc editable format

  • Flyers - Ready madeFlyer in Word.doc editable format


Promo Videos 


More Promotion Ideas and Help!

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How to Promote Your Mission Trip

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