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Bringing Funds to Mexico

Why We Ask One-Half of Your Mission Trip Fees to be Brought to Mexico


Because we reside deeper in Mexico and are not a border town ministry, we don't have the luxury of being able to draw out funds for operation in Mexico from a close-by bank in the states. Unlike the U.S., virtually all business in Mexico is done via cash.  Also, credit cards are not accepted at most businesses either. Therefore, in order to purchase your building materials, cover ministry expenses and other general expenses incurred on the ministry base, we ask that you bring 1/2 of your mission trip fees with you to Mexico in the form of U.S. Dollars (cash). Because a large part of your group fees  goes towards your work projects, it means that at certain times we need to have access to large amounts of funds to be drawn out of them during a 24 hour period, we cannot access enough funds to cover these expenses. Also, we have to drive some distance to access an ATM, and on frequent occasions the ATM's are out of service, or not dependable. In addition to funds needed for your work projects, there will be expenses incurred upon the ministry base while your group is here. If funds are not available, it can cause us significant problems. In the event that paying with U.S. Dollars presents you with a special hardship, please let us know and we'll gladly make other arrangements.


We hope you understand the differences of doing business in Mexico and that we are not a border town ministry who is able to get funds across the border in the U.S. Over the years we have found that it just works best for us to operate in this way. U.S. dollars are readily accepted in Mexico and therefore, easy to use. We have been operating with this system now for many years and there has been virtually no problems to date.  


Once again, in the event that bringing your group fees with you in the form of cash presents a problem, please let us know.


Thank you for your understanding,

Go Missions to Mexico Team

Go Missions to Mexico 

Ministry Offering Christ-Centered Mission Trips to Mexico

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